Mein Regenwald and KaFe Rocks

A Strong Team – for People and the Planet

In 2015, saving 18,000 hectares (44,000 acres) of highland rainforest in Peru seemed impossible. Logging, land trafficking, red tape, and encroaching pineapple plantations were threatening one of Central Peru’s last remaining untouched cloud forests.

But our German-Peruvian team did not give up! We fought for three years and finally convinced the President’s Office, the Regional Government, the Department of Agriculture, and the Forestry Department that these forests had to live. Virtually in the last moment, when the Peruvian government handed over these forests to our local partner organization in a unique deal for conservation, this amazing ecosystem was saved from destruction. The My Rainforest project was born.  

Our Task

Now it is our responsibility to protect the forest. 
We build checkpoints, employ local forest guards, and help the ten neighboring villages to protect the forest and improve their quality of life, mainly through small-scale sustainable coffee production, reforestation, awareness-building, and education.
We are partnering with many stake holders such as local populations, the Peruvian government, and the University of Central Peru.

Our Goal

To save an unbelievably beautiful ecosystem with different types of tropical forests and peatlands for future generations and safeguard life-giving water supplies for two districts and their population. To save more rainforest by growing the total protected forest area to up to 30,000 hectares (74,000 acres) at several locations in central Peru. 

Our Partner

KaFe Rocks is one of our key partners to make this inspiring project possible. 
Through an ambitious compensation scheme, KaFe Rocks offsets three times the amount of carbon emissions produced by its operations and the daily lives of all of its team members. This way, KaFe Rocks helps us save 20,000 hectares of cloud forest which are vital for biodiversity and climate mitigation.

Our Year 2021

With the help of KaFe Rocks we were able in 2020 to increase the protected forest area of the My Rainforest project to almost 20,000 hectares (49,000 acres). While this is a great success, we have already submitted complex project proposals to the Peruvian forest authorities to rescue another 10,000 hectares (24,500 acres) of pristine rainforest from destruction and incorporate them in our conservation scheme. Some of our team members will be busy this year following-up on these proposals amidst widespread Corona restrictions in Peru. That is why new members have joined our Peruvian My Rainforest team in 2021, among them additional forest guards and one more forest scientist. At the same time, efforts continue to expand the My Rainforest project to new locations near the town of Oxapampa and another area which, for security reasons, we cannot disclose. 2021 is also seeing the launch of our partnership with the sustainable coffee start-up Kuuna Kaffee sells the first sustainable coffee in Germany, that comes directly from the villages bordering the My Rainforest reserve. This new partnership helps us protect the rainforest and fight poverty. Last but not least, 2021 will see the roll-out of our new reforestation scheme through which we hope to be able to plant up to 100,000 native trees each year. Nothing of these exciting activities for the rainforest, the local people, our climate and our future would be possible without the dedicated support of KaFe Rocks!

Together with KaFe Rocks we work for our shared future – for people and the planet.
Thank you! Dankeschön! Muchas Gracias!

What is unique about My Rainforest:

My Rainforest is neighboring with two other protected areas, together they create a protected wilderness of more than 100,000 hectares.

Among the flag ship species that have survived in the My Rainforest reserve there is a number of ciritically endangered plant and animal species such as jaguars, pudus, pumas, pecaris, several hard wood species, Andean cock-of-the-rock, many hummingbird species and others.

My Rainforest provides two districts with water, over 100 creeks and rivers begin in these forest-covered mountains.

Millions of tons of carbon are stored in the vegetation, soil and peats of the My Rainforest reserve thus making an important contribution to climate mitigation.

My Rainforest is bigger than half the German state of Bremen.

The forests and peatlands of My Rainforest stretch between 1,500 and 3,500 meters above sea level and harbor a huge diversity of ecosystems.

Each year, My Rainforest absorbs the same amount of carbon as a German town with 20,000 inhabitants releases into the atmosphere.

My Rainforest is home to hundreds of species of orchids and birds as well as to more tree species than all of central Europe.

The highest peak in the My Rainforest protected area reaches 3,500 meters, 600 meters more than Germany’s highest mountain. 


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