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Forest sponsor companies take responsibility for a world fit for grandchildren.

Forest sponsorship and CO2 compensation for companies

As a forest sponsor company, every company can save its own piece of rainforest in Peru and protect the climate. In this way, entrepreneurs improve their environmental balance sheet and set a visible sign of corporate responsibility for a world in which future generations can still live.

Each forest sponsor company is allocated a specific area of rainforest in one of our protected areas, the protection of which is financed precisely by this company with its tax-deductible forest sponsor donations. How large the area of rainforest protected by the company should be can be freely determined and is based on the company's business possibilities. From an area of 100 hectares, we mention each forest sponsor company on our interactive jungle map.

Forest sponsor companies thus enable the protection of their jungle area through forest rangers, control posts, patrols, electronic monitoring, legal advice, research, reforestation, climate protection and educational measures as well as poverty reduction and sustainable economic development. All forest sponsor donations go directly and completely to the Mein Regenwald Project.

Climate neutrality

Many companies want to improve their ecological footprint and strengthen their image as a responsible company.

Upon request, we accompany forest sponsor companies on the path to climate neutrality by working with them to determine the company's overall ecological footprint and then calculating how much rainforest and peatland area in Peru needs to be protected or restored so that at least the amount of CO2 that the company causes is absorbed there.

To calculate company emissions, we use simple and transparent tools that are widely available, such as CO2 calculators. To achieve honest offsetting, we take into account possible fluctuations by building a buffer into the calculation of the life cycle assessment.

Complete or partial climate neutrality

Depending on its economic possibilities, a company can fully or partially offset its CO2 footprint by protecting its own rainforest area in Peru, thus becoming fully or partially climate neutral.

Areas that the forest sponsor company can offset include heating energy, electricity, company vehicles, employee approach to work, etc. Some companies also offset their employees' private CO2 footprint at the same time. Per employee, this corresponds to six hectares of rainforest or 12 euros of forest sponsorship per month.

Climate neutrality factor X

Some companies go one step further: They want to offset more CO2 in the rainforest than they cause themselves. To do this, the area of rainforest they protect as forest sponsor companies must remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than they produce through their business operations. Our partner KaFe Rocks, for example, protects an area of forest sufficient to offset the entire company footprint as well as the individual climate footprint of all employees three times over.

If entrepreneurs want to get even more involved, they can, for example, give donations for the rainforest and climate protection instead of Christmas presents or develop other creative forms of commitment.

We are happy to advise. The best thing is to write to us directly and we will start a dialogue about how your company can best commit to climate neutrality, corporate image and the rainforest. Each forest sponsor company develops its own individual solution.

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Avoid, reduce, compensate

The basic principle of climate neutrality. Because the best CO2 is that which is not produced in the first place, this important principle applies to the path to climate neutrality.

Corporate benefits

Through their commitment to the rainforest and the climate, forest sponsor companies benefit in many ways. Their benefits include the tax effectiveness of their donations, the improvement of the company's image and the increase in attractiveness for young employees.